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Welcome to Urban Issues in Developing Countries. This site has not been updated in years. Maybe soon I'll update. Send me a mail if you got any questions.
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Here is where I will announce the most recent news items which might be of interest to you. For a complete list of conference annoucements, new web sites and relevant publications, take a look here.
  • Submit your news. Mail to: information@urban.freeservers.com
  • This web site have not been updated for some time, but I intend to update it in the near future. If you have any suggestions, mail them.

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    Here is where I will announce the most recent additions to this web site. For a complete list of what's changed and what's new, take a look here.

    This site now has a search option to search the documents on this site.

    Updates: none.

    Please send all questions, comments, and suggestions to information@urban.freeservers.com.

    This web site, especially the Link Pages and the News Section is updated regularly.
Last Updated: May 21, 2000

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